The story

Quartime is a novel vision by Konstantin Chaykin: a new way to perceive Time. The Quartime divides the day into 4 parts: morning, day, evening and night. The revolving indicator completes quarter of circle every 6 hours, changing name in day period window. The hour indicator disc, where the minute and the hour hands show the traditional way of time reading, also turns with this day period indicator.

The Quartime reminds us that we can break up the crazy rhythm of our days and enjoy the islands of joy and happiness which we often miss if we rush around mindlessly. Mornings – the time to savor a touch of astringency in our morning coffee; Days – the time we devote to our favorite pastimes; Evenings – a time to relax with our friends and families; Nights – a time to enter Morpheus realm.

Peaceful moments when we take time to reflect on eternal truths are essential for humankind. Without these moments life would be bleak, colorless and maybe even futile.

Yet we are not able to stop and start Time at will, and we never know how much Time we have left. What we can do is value it, wisely manage what we have got for one time only, focusing on the truly important.


The patented Quartime caliber is made up of 200 parts. This is the first watch ever made to tell time based on dividing the day into four parts – morning, day, evening and night.

The complicated movement changes the indicator of time of day simultaneously with the hour wheel. The hands are blued by hand, and the tipped with fluorescent paint. All of the visible movement parts and the dial are decorated with guilloche, Clous de Paris, Cotes de Geneve.

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