The story

Muslims believe that time is Allah’s great gift. In several of the Suras (or chapters) about Mecca, Allah swears by the different times of day, i.e. day, night, morning, dawn and dusk. The Koran highlights the importance of time and calls upon the faithful to pay attention to this concept once again.

Hijra mechanical wristwatches are not only luxury objects, but also excellent timekeeping devices embedded with the Islamic calendar and a new moon-phase display created especially for Muslims.



The harmonious blend created between the watches’ strict outer designs and their traditional Islamic decorative elements best conveys the contemporary view of the cultural and historical heritage of the East. All the numbers, days of the week and months on these watches are written in Arabic, a language understood by the majority of Muslims around the world.

Traditions of Islamic architecture are reflected in the shapes of the hands: the hour hand is shaped like a mosque, and the minute hand like a minaret. The shape of the hands displaying the date according to the Islamic calendar recalls the most famous Islamic symbol of all: the crescent moon.

The case back is made of sapphire crystal, unveiling the wonderful movements designed and created by Konstantin Chaykin. The Arabic script on the case backs is taken from Ayat 5 of Sura 10 of the Koran: “It is He who gave the sun radiance and the moon light, and determined their stages so that you may learn the calculation of years and the reckoning of time.” The very essence of all Hijra Muslim wristwatches is encapsulated in this sacred phrase; their main purpose is to serve their owners by constantly reminding them of Allah’s great gift.

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